MSNBC correspondent Rachel Maddow. (Karen Bleier, AFP/Getty Images)

Rachel Maddow, live from Colorado: ‘I’m not saying I’ve never inhaled …’

Rachel Maddow will host her MSNBC show from Denver on Oct. 28 with a lineup of local political candidates, political analysts — and a pot shop owner. “The Rachel Maddow Show” will broadcast at 7 p.m. MDT from the roof of The Viewhouse Ballpark in LoDo.

While in Colorado, Maddow did the obligatory tour of a weed dispensary. “I’ve never been in a pot store before. I’m not saying I’ve never inhaled, it’s never been an important part of my life. I’m a semi-pro drinker …” (She mixes intricate cocktails on her show on Friday nights.)

She had to pretend to know the difference between sativa and indica.

Update on Maddow’s Colorado trip: Watch the video of the MSNBC host in a Colorado pot shop observing, ‘It smells good. It smells like college.’

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Confirmed guests on Maddow’s show on Oct. 28 are Senator Mark Udall, Senator Michael Bennet, Denver Post political reporter Lynn Bartels, Irv Halter (the Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District) and Janice Perino, owner of the Euflora marijuana dispensaries. The GOP candidates were invited; Doug Lamborn politely declined, Cory Gardner and Bob Beauprez did not respond.

“We asked everybody, we have the same problem on visits that we have on the show in New York. It’s very hard to get Republicans to come on the show because I’m a liberal. Nobody’s ever said that I’ve treated them unfairly, they’re just scared to be seen with me. I regret that they feel that way. It would be awesome to talk to Doug Lamborn, Cory Gardner, Bob Beauprez. I wish they could get beyond the knee-jerk strategic impulse.”

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