Rachel Maddow looks at her first display case of marijuana-infused edibles at Euflora's downtown Denver pot shop. (MSNBC)

Video: Rachel Maddow in a pot shop: ‘It smells good. It smells like college.’

As MSNBC host Rachel Maddow walked down the stairs on her first ever trip into a legal marijuana shop in her primetime show on Oct. 28, the first thing that hit her was a familiar smell.

“It smells good,” said Maddow, long before she saw her first legal bud. “It actually smells like college.”

Maddow was in Colorado on Tuesday reporting on the state’s unusual political position as the election approaches next week. In addition to talking with Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, and getting a terrific tour of Denver by my colleague Lynn Bartels of The Denver Post, Maddow also visited a legal pot shop — because Colorado.

“I’m already totally mystified,” Maddow said of what she calls “the wide world of legal pot in Colorado.”

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As Euflora owner Jamie Perino gave Maddow a tour of her spacious recreational pot shop off the 16th St. Mall, educating the TV host on the types of marijuana and different nature of infused edibles, Maddow interpreted the culture through her own quirky lens.

“Indica makes you boring, in a happy way,” Maddow observed after Perino’s “indica = in-da-couch” lesson.

When Maddow saw a display of marijuana-infused edibles, she pointed to some peach-banana rings made by Colorado company Edi-Pure and talked about how she understands why edible marijuana presents such a unique conundrum.

“This is not normal candy, even though it looks like it. It’s pot candy,” Maddow said. “Once (the packages are) open, honestly, the peach-banana rings, that doesn’t look any different than a regular gummy candy. I can see why there’s stress around the edibles in terms of people potentially getting dosed when they don’t intend to.”

Maddow’s sentiment echoes that of an opinion column The Cannabist published earlier this week: Opinion: Infusing well-known candies with THC shouldn’t be A-OK.