David Letterman (CBS)

Letterman’s Top 10: What classes await at Marijuana University? (video)

Late-night hosts are indebted to the legal weed industry in Colorado — for the jokes, the wacky skits and now the Top 10 lists.

Pre-retirement David Letterman shared a Colorado-centric Top 10 list with viewers recently: “The Top 10 courses at the Marijuana University.” The institution in question is Clover Leaf University, “the nation’s only cannabis university that is approved, regulated and licensed by the Colorado Department of Education’s Private Occupational School Board.”

“Colorado legalized weed,” started Letterman, sounding a bit out of his element. A few of our favorites from his Top 10 list:

10. Introduction to Chillaxing

7. Mellows and What Harshes Them

Watch the full video above to see them all.
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