Arsenio Hall (John Sciulli, Getty Images)

“Cooking with Wiz Khalifa” or “Is Arsenio Hall stoned on TV?” (video)

What happens when TV host Arsenio Hall has a cooking segment with rapper Wiz Khalifa on his late-night show? Well, Khalifa starts talking about his favorite munchies — “Turkey dogs, turkey sausage, egg sandwiches, cheese eggs — I put onions, mushrooms, garlic powder in there” — and Hall appears to get honest-to-goodness stoned out of his mind.

“Daytime shows do cooking segments,” Hall begins in the above video, appearing slightly out of sorts, “but they probably do them for totally different reasons than I’m doing this one tonight.

“My glaucoma medicine makes me awful hungry.”

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Is late-night legend Arsenio Hall stoned on television?

Hall legitimately flips out over Khalifa’s cheese-eggs talk, as only a stoner would. And then they talk about Tabasco on potato chips, ketchup on potato chips and Hall’s “crazy blazin’ s’mores,” which have an oddly familiar mossy-green ingredient.

“This is the munchies,” said Khalifa, assembling a plate of s’mores. “You just throw it on there.”

To which Hall finished: “This is a cooking segment, and that’s oregano.”