Wiz Khalifa (Charles Sykes, Invision/AP)

Wiz Khalifa on Miley Cyrus: “She smokes a ton!” (video)

Not that you’d have any reason to question the amount of pot Miley Cyrus ingests, but if you did, Wiz Khalifa is here for you.

Late night host Arsenio Hall asked Khalifa on Monday’s show what it was like working with Cyrus, who guests on Khalifa’s new record, “Black Hollywood.”

“Insane!” Khalifa answered, “but in a good way though. She’s just a ball of energy. She smokes a ton!”

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Hall retorted: “How do you define that amount, a ton?”

Khalifa happily responded: She’s younger, so it’s different. Every five minutes she kept being like, ‘Hey, Wiz, you don’t have a joint rolled? Wassup?'”

Hall: “And she’s small. She’s a tiny girl.”

Khalifa: “Right. She’s just blowin’ like a train.”