Are out-of-state police unfairly pulling over drivers with Colorado license plates? One man things so, as he alleges in a recent lawsuit. (Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post)

4:20 Digest: Profiled for Colorado license plates and more (3-31-14)

It’s 4:20 p.m. on March 31, 2014, and here are a few of the things we’re talking about at Cannabist HQ.

LICENSE-PLATE PROFILING: We at Cannabist HQ have received a number of complaints from Coloradans who say they’ve been pulled over by police in neighboring states because of their license plate and nothing else. And now one of those people has filed a lawsuit in the District of Idaho. “Assuming guilt based on a license plate — that’s just a violation of our civil rights,” attorney Mark Coonts said. Read more about the case.

ROB FORD BASHING IN TORONTO GETS CREATIVE: Imagine living in Toronto, home of maligned Mayor Rob Ford, and seeing one of these sharply designed political signs in your neighbor’s yard: “Elect Jeff McElroy. He promises to just smoke pot as mayor. Not crack.” The slogan: “Anyone’s better than Rob Ford.” They’re real signs for fake candidates created to alert people to the Toronto mayor’s alternatives. See the sign and read more.

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COLORADO, CALIFORNIA ARE HAPPIEST PLACES IN U.S.: While most polls declaring This City the fittest, This Doctor the best and That State the booziest seem lazily researched, the recent Gallup poll on American well-being seems legitimate in its conception and execution. To boot: Weed-friendly Colorado and California each have three communities in the index’s Top 20, beating out all of their neighbors. Coincidence? See the poll and read more.

WOULD YOU DO THIS GUY’S DISHES IN EXCHANGE FOR POT? File under: Deserved Stereotypes. Instead of doing the dishes, this person made a Craigslist post (complete with pictures) asking somebody else to do them in exchange for “dabs, concentrates or flower.” See the dishes and the original ad.