One Craigslist poster is offering dabs in exchange for doing his or her dishes. Would you do it? (Craigslist)

Worst of Craigslist: “Do our dishes for dabs?”

Hopefully this Craigslist post — which searches for somebody to do the poster’s dishes in exchange for dabs — is a bad joke. If they’re not joking these stoners are sinking to comical, stereotypical depths.

The dishes-for-dabs post starts: “Can only pay in dabs, concentrates or flower. Incapable of doing them ourselves. Small job, kitchen only.”

Incapable is a strong word. And this makes me curious: Can they physically not reach them?

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It continues: “We supply dish soap and scrubbies. Can discuss transportation. 21+ Serious inquires only.”

Clearly they have plenty of dish soap — and concentrate juice tubes. And while they can’t do their dishes … they might be able to pick you up? Curiouser and curiouser! What about those red Solo cups in the sink — were those meant to be washed and reused? Of course the “serious-inquiries” bit at the end is just the cherry on top.