These political signs for fake Toronto mayoral candidates are now up in the Canadian city, a part of an anti-Rob Ford campaign. (Twitter)

Druggy spin on Toronto’s mayoral ad campaign

Imagine living in Toronto, home of maligned Mayor Rob Ford, and seeing one of these sharply designed political signs in your neighbor’s yard.

The above sign: “Elect Jeff McElroy. He promises to just smoke pot as mayor. Not crack.” The slogan: “Anyone’s better than Rob Ford.”

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Jeff McElroy’s not a real Toronto mayoral candidate, but the group behind the signs, No Ford Nation, is quite real. Another sign carries through the group’s mission of letting voters know there are other real candidates opposing Ford in the Oct. 27 election by pushing another fake candidate: “The current mayor threatens to kill people and gets publicly drunk. If elected, I promise I will just get publicly drunk. Vote Ray Faranzi.”

A list of real candidates is at No Ford Nation’s website.

“We’re hoping we bring ‘em in with humor and keep ‘em with facts,” Christina Robins, the 41-year-old writer behind the group, told the National Post, “and give [people] something to think about.”