Late comedian Richard Pryor, seen here in 1977, "would be fine with (legal weed)," according to his daughter Rain Pryor, who is headlining a comedy showcase in Denver on Friday. (AP file)

4:20 Digest: Richard Pryor’s daughter talks, God tells man to open pot shop & more (2-26-14)

It’s 4:20 p.m. on February 26, 2014, and here are a few of the things we’re talking about at Cannabist HQ.

I AM RICHARD PRYOR’S DAUGHTER. How would late comedian Richard Pryor feel about legal weed in Colorado? “I think he’d be fine with it,” his daughter Rain Pryor tells The Cannabist. “That’s the truth.” Rain Pryor has a stand-up gig in Denver on Friday, and you’ll surely gain insight into she and her family’s world via our interview. Read more.

“GOD TOLD ME TO SELL LEGAL WEED.” Californian Bryan Davies is a Christian, a tax evader and a ganjapreneur. And when he prayed for help, “God said … ‘Open up a pot shop,’” he told a California court earlier this week. See a video and read more.

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DRUG DEALER: LEGALIZATION HAS HELPED MY BUSINESS. You’ve read about legal pot’s complicated relationship with the black market, but we have a video of a drug dealer talking about how the high prices of legal marijuana have actually boosted his business: “If anything (legalization) has helped (my business).” See the video.

POT AND PARENTING: MAKING IT WORK. The legal pot experiments in Colorado and Washington are often boiled down to cannabis’ stigma. And while the stigma is still present, it’s lessening in some circles — something that allows parents to talk more openly about their consumption habits and how that affects their family life. The Cannabist’s Pot & Parenting column takes on some of the issues parents face, including “Where are the other parents who enjoy a smoke” and “Learning lessons from a conversation with child protective services.” Check out all of our Pot & Parenting columns.