Rain Pryor is no pot activist, but her father Richard's famous drug troubles and her time as a substance abuse counselor have convinced her that cannabis is not a bad thing. (Provided by McNair Worldwide)

Rain Pryor talks pot, rehab & dad Richard’s comedic legacy

Rain Pryor’s childhood was far from typical.

The 44-year-old was born in the shadow of father Richard, arguably the most respected stand-up comic in history — and one whose troubles with drugs have been well documented.

But even before her father’s fatal heart attack in 2005, the younger Pryor says she consciously chose not to get wrapped up in the tabloid antics that often come with being the child of a celebrity, and she credits much of her down-to-earth lifestyle and professional success with that decision.

“I know Hollywood is a fa├žade and I know the games people play,” said Pryor, who headlines the comedy/burlesque “Tits and Giggles” show at Herman’s Hideaway on Feb. 28. “Except for when I was in my teens, I was never a part of it and it’s kept me really grounded. And of course, my dad and mom (dancer Shirley Bonus) would have never put up with it.”

Pryor’s eclectic career has included off-Broadway shows like “Fried Chicken and Latkes,” which recounts growing up half-black and half-Jewish, as well as her dalliances with mainstream success on sitcoms and in movies. But she’s also a producer and director who recently helmed Baltimore’s Strand Theater for a season.

We caught up with Pryor in advance of her Denver appearance to talk about stepping out of her father’s shadow, her experiences as a drug counselor in Los Angeles, and why she thinks legal weed is a good thing in Colorado — even if she’s not sure she’s going to partake.

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