When one California man prayed for guidance, God told him to open a dispensary, he said. (Denver Post file)

Ganjapreneur: “I prayed … and God said, ‘Open up a pot shop'”

Californian Bryan Davies is a Christian, a tax evader and a ganjapreneur.

Yes, Katy Steinmetz’s Time magazine story on Davies is a fascinating read — as it puts you in Davies’ shoes as he and his gang enter the San Francisco branch of U.S. tax court while facing an $875,000 tax bill.

Davies’ story is compelling — and somewhat unprecedented. He and his religious family became believers in medical marijuana when it helped his wife’s daughter with symptoms of her bone disease. As their finances were dire, Davies turned to prayer.

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“I got on my knees, and I prayed to the Lord,” he told the California court on Feb. 24, according to Time. “And God said … ‘Open up a pot shop.’ ”

And so he opened Sacramento dispensary Canna Care in 2005. Now about those pesky taxes …