Wait, people smoke pot while snowboarding and skiing?! (Photo by Mahala Gaylord/The Denver Post)

4:20 Digest: Pot and skiing linked, $1B in weed sales & more (2-20-14)

It’s 4:20 p.m. on February 20, 2014, and here are a few of the things we’re talking about at Cannabist HQ.

GETTING HIGH ON THE SLOPES: “Inside Edition’s” crack investigative team uncovered a story earlier you won’t believe. Some people — and let’s throw an allegedly in there — smoke pot while snowboarding and skiing. They came to Vail and Breckenridge to report this breaking news, even planting hidden cameras in smoke shacks. Seriously. See the video.

“I’M SORRY, DID YOU SAY $1 BILLION IN SALES?” Yes, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is projecting roughly $1 billion in marijuana sales in the next fiscal year, which starts July 1. In the mix is an estimated $134 million in taxes and fees feeding the state’s coffers — substantial numbers coming from Hick, who opposed the legalization of recreational marijuana.

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GRANOLA WITH A BITE: Ever had a granola that was so good you ate it straight out of the jar without even messing with milk or yogurt? Here’s our Kitchen Kush recipe for a medicated granola that has a kick.

RICK STEVES IS PRO-EUROPEAN TRAVELS, -MARIJUANA: Sure enough, Steves has been on the NORML board for 10 years: “Our government has spent billions of dollars misleading the public in the last generation with deceitful ad campaigns and propaganda. People are wired to think marijuana is bad until it’s proven not-bad. And now we’re going through that slow process of illustrating that it’s not necessarily GOOD, but that it’s not as harmful as they’ve been led to believe.” Our full interview with Steves.

WANT SOME GOLDEN GOAT OR BRUCE BANNER #3? On the lookout for a new strain to try? Tired of the same stash? Up for the switch from a sativa dominant to a heavy indica? The Cannabist’s pot critics Jake Browne and Brittany Driver are working tirelessly for you, and their writings on strains familiar and unfamiliar — from Super Lemon Haze to Tahoe OG, Headband to Death Star, MK Ultra to Flo — will change the way you see your weed.