Snowboarders in Breckenridge. (Photo by AAron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post)

“Inside Edition” hilariously investigates pot and snowboarding connection

We’ll start by saying that “Inside Edition” is hardly a legit news source. (We’re all in agreement there, right? Right. OK.) That said, you know you’re in deep when the anchor starts an entire exclusive report with a glaring error.

“On January 1st of this year marijuana became legal in the state of Colorado,” the anchor begins, ignoring the fact that marijuana became legal in Colorado in late-2012. (Legal sales began on Jan. 1, 2014, c’mon.) But wait, the “Inside Edition” report gets better — and by better we mean even more ridiculous.

“Those guys getting stoned on the slopes may be breaking the law,” the anchor continues before throwing to a video of correspondent Paul Boyd on the slopes of Vail and later Breckenridge resorts. (Note another inaccuracy: Those guys getting stoned on the slopes? They’re definitely breaking the law, duh — no smoking in public anywhere in the state of Colorado.)

Boyd’s report — on the seemingly new connection between pot and snowboarding — is stating the obvious for anybody who has ever skied or snowboarded with any regularity. The gotcha-style report planted hidden cameras inside tree-hidden smoke shacks and pounced on smokers after they’d finished their bowls and were heading back down the mountain.

“After bouncing down these moguls and gliding through these trees,” Boyd said, narrating a helmet-mounted camera’s snowy trek, “we came across this hidden shack. Inside it’s a pot smoker’s haven where we found these skiers sharing a joint!”

A pot smoker’s haven? Sounds about right. It’s been that way for decades.

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“But if you think these pot puffers aren’t breaking the law, think again.”

Oh, they know they’re breaking the law. The rules hanging at pot shops and in tourist centers and reported throughout the legitimate media reports are pretty clear about Colorado’s stance on public smoking. (It’s always a no-no.)

“Even the manager (of recreational pot shop Breckenridge Cannabis Club) admitted she often likes to mix snowboarding and weed!”

Again, it’s been that way for decades.

The report closes with a couple bros getting high on camera and talking about how it doesn’t affect their riding. The cameras follow the duo down the hill — and back up on the lift, where they get higher — as they fall and run into one another (and others).

The safety concerns of riding and skiing high are legitimate with the newly legal pot sales, but this gotcha report comes off as a parody of journalism instead of a thoughtful exploration of how the slopes have changed since Jan. 1, 2014.

Here’s the video (and those on mobile devices will have to click through to “Inside Edition” to see it):