A sample of the Snozzberry strain, grown in Colorado and purchased at Lucy Sky Dispensary. (Sohum Shah, The Cannabist)

Snozzberry (marijuana review)

“Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers / That grow so incredibly high”
–“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by The Beatles


When I first heard about a shop named Lucy Sky Dispensary, I enjoyed the playful name, a reference to another federal Schedule I substance — Lysergic acid diethylamide, more commonly known as LSD — and a name made famous by a Beatles song.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, I decided to check out the Lucy Sky location by Washington Park (Lucy Sky’s South Broadway retail location occupies the old Colorado Alternative Medicine store). I went up the stairs wedged between two chic-looking restaurants. Lucy’s seemed to be short-staffed, because there were four of us in the waiting room and no one was checking people in. Soon enough, an employee returned from lunch and took a customer back to shop.

Snozzberry by the numbers: $10/gram or $25/eighth (medical) at Lucy Sky Dispensary, Wash Park, 2215 E. Mississippi Ave., Denver

And then I was in, as the other budtender came over, made copies of my medical paperwork and took me back to shop.

The heady hybrid Witches Weed in the display cases first caught my eye. But as I perused the rest of Lucy Sky’s medical flower, the trichome-covered Snozzberry nugs won me over.

According to the store, Snozzberry is an indica-dominant hybrid descendent of DJ Short’s Blueberry. Having an indica on hand proved to be fortuitous a day later after a round of golf.

When I got home from an 18-hole scramble at Park Hill and sat on the couch, I felt a tight knot in the upper right part of my back — even though we got a cart and rode the round.

So, I fetched a new pipe that had been buried under a mound of papers on my desk for a few months and the gram of Snozzberry. The leaves that covered the nugs were mostly forest green, with pockets of a lighter shade of green and dark orange hairs protruding from within.

The smell of the Blueberry ancestor was apparent immediately. The berry sweetness was diluted by a musky smell. When I broke it open, the berry smell became more prominent.

I took the smallest of the three nugs in the jar and loaded the pipe. The berry flavor came through in the dry hit (along with some Scooby snacks — a.k.a. unsmoked weed bits). When I sparked the bowl, the same subtle berry sweetness was prevalent, accompanied by a brief bite in my throat on the inhale. The hit smoothed out almost immediately after.

The first thing I noticed was my eyes relaxing and the sensation of them shrinking to half their normal size. As I continued through the bowl, that feeling of relaxation crept from my eyes, down my face and into my body. The tension in my back and shoulders, caused by a combination of golfing and riding 18 holes in a cart, became much less pronounced.

By the time I finished the bowl, my back felt a lot more relaxed. Suddenly, I was torn between laying down in bed to relax and eating a second dinner — despite the two veggie sandwiches and the heap of potato salad I had after golfing. I eventually decided on my favorite late-night snack before bed. I probably over-indulged in the saltines, sharp cheddar cheese and sriracha because I still felt full when I woke up the next morning.

I don’t know if the Snozzberry tasted like snozzberries, but it certainly did the trick for some evening pain relief and an extended snack time.