Sohum Shah

Sohum Shah

Sohum Shah is the Director of Investor Relations for MassRoots, Inc. He previously founded the Cannabis Commodities Exchange and the Cannabis Technology Association. Sohum is a Colorado native and has worked around the Colorado dispensary scene for several years.

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Cherry Diesel (marijuana review)

Trying out a 420-friendly pottery class is a little rough to begin with, but sativa-dominant Cherry Diesel allows clay creativity to take over.

Gupta Kush (marijuana review)

Our pot critic finds clarity and calmness with the Gupta Kush strain — a Colorado tribute to CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Kupta and his medical marijuana docu-series.

Mt. Hood Magic Durban (marijuana review)

The Mt. Hood Magic Durban strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that had our marijuana reviewer chatting up a storm while enjoying the cerebral high.

Pennywise (marijuana review)

Our reviewer’s heart belongs to Pennywise the punk band, and now maybe the high-CBD strain of the same name.

Snozzberry (marijuana review)

A sweet indica hybrid that alleviated the pain of a long day of 18 holes of golf and induced some serious snacking.

Light of Jah (marijuana review)

Light of Jah didn’t quite live up to its name, and as a derivative of the Jack Herer legacy strain, had a derivative effect.

Watch: Sublime with Rome talks edibles, smokables and rock music at Red Rocks

‘I really do think that edibles are the future, because it really takes away the harmfulness of smoking, period, of having smoke in your lungs,’ says Rome Ramirez as he lifted the lit blunt to his mouth.

Super Silver Lemon Haze (marijuana review)

Our reviewer appreciated Super Silver Lemon Haze’s ability to kick him into gear, and he was able to withstand the brief moments of paranoia it provided, for its relaxing yet cerebral high.

G6 #3 (marijuana review)

This reviewer was in a rather Sublime state of mind the day he tested out G6 #3 from Medicine Man, one of Denver’s larger dispensaries. And that feeling stayed with him after he smoked two bowls and found himself deeply relaxed yet mentally alert.

Critical Mass (marijuana review)

A fruity hybrid of Dutch origin that provided relaxation and pain relief without clouding the mind.

White Fire OG (marijuana review)

Be ready for some heavy-duty chill time with White Fire OG — it provided effect pain relief for a bike injury but proved slightly debilitating.

Dirty Girl (marijuana review)

An outdoor sativa that is the child of two famous strains, Dirty Girl got in my head and brought on an unusual paranoid — yet cerebral — high.

Deadhead OG (marijuana review)

A slightly different cut than what I was used to, but Deadhead OG nonetheless was a nice supplement to the final Grateful Dead Tuesday party.

UW Purple (marijuana review)

This potent indica’s effects are like a roundhouse kick to the face. The Washington state nod to a local university is heavy on fuel and cheesy funk.

Outer Space (marijuana review)

A sweet cerebral smoke that is good for work and creativity — sans the anxiety or raciness that accompany many sativas.

Hawaiian Sativa (marijuana review)

It’s a real treat to find a strain that combines a complex, sweet flavor profile with such cerebral and energetic effects. This native to the Big Island gives an edge for getting organized.

Cherry Pie strain (marijuana review)

The Cherry Pie strain is an uplifting sativa hybrid that could make a grown man cry — as well as get a few things done around the house.

Ingrid (marijuana review)

The Sleepytime tea of weed, Ingrid is a soporific strain that knocks me out faster than a heavy chunk of Ambien.

How getting stoned on charas in India changed my worldview

While visiting family in India, some gifted charas (pressed hash) provided a necessary distance from my day-to-day in the United States.

Trainwreck (marijuana review)

Though this marijuana strain’s name implies a heavy couch-lock effect, Trainwreck provides a cerebral high perfect for conversation and creativity.

Juicy Fruit (marijuana review)

Marijuana review: Juicy Fruit is a fruity hybrid whose smell and taste reflect its name, and whose quality reflects the current market drought in Colorado.

Inside the first-ever government-organized marijuana symposium

Denver’s inaugural Marijuana Management Symposium provides a chance for the city to share its approach to cannabis regulation — and for city leaders to also learn from policy makers from around the country.

Aspen OG (marijuana review)

What first appeared to be a sub-par cut of a favorite frosty nug turned into something pleasantly satisfying. A well-grown cut of Aspen OG is typically frosty and white — like the snow-capped peaks of Snowmass and Buttermilk in the middle of ski season.

Purple Urkle (marijuana review)

While this Purple Urkle cut wasn’t particularly colorful, this indica had a berry sweetness to go with appetite stimulating and relaxing effects.

Ultimate ’91 Chem Dawg (marijuana review)

Ultimate ’91 Chem Dawg has a chemical yet creamy aroma. While the initial effects felt light and airy in the head, intense body relaxation set in soon after.

Lavender (marijuana review)

A tranquil yet euphoric indica hybrid that’s extremely floral and mildly sweet. Useful for relieving muscle tightness after physical activity like the first kickball game of the season.

Moonshine Haze (marijuana review)

Moonshine Haze brings to mind Colorado and prohibition history. A sativa hybrid bred by Rare Dankness, it’s a source of energy and focus.

Jilly Bean (marijuana review)

This Jilly Bean had just enough of the delicious flavor and hybrid cerebral body high to leave me wanting more.

Snoop’s Dream (marijuana review)

Snoop’s Dream provided a combination of body relaxation and mental clarity that was ideal for going out with friends without the constant mental stimulation of a straight sativa.

Durban Poison (marijuana review)

Review: Durban Poison is a landrace sativa marijuana strain that provides a big, uplifting energy boost, with a raciness that makes it a daytime hit.