Display jars are shown containing various strains at the Rainforest Farms marijuana shop in Juneau, Alaska, on Jan. 18, 2017. The store's best-seller is Gorilla Glue. (Mark Thiessen, The Associated Press)

The Cannabist People’s Choice Awards 2017 results: Consumables

The people have spoken! Presenting The Cannabist People’s Choice Awards 2017.

We asked you to vote for your favorite cannabis consumables, people and places for 2017. As we’ve had a little excitement in the weed world in January (looking at you, Jeff Sessions), it’s taken us a little longer than we expected to tally the votes, so we thank you for your patience.

But without further delay, here are the best strains, edibles and vapes, according to The Cannabist’s esteemed readers.

Favorite Strain

Gorilla Glue #4 (2)
GG#4 strain, grown in Colorado. (Vince Chandler, The Denver Post)

1. GG #4
The strain formerly known as Gorilla Glue is beloved by Cannabist readers.

Voters said:

  • Clear headed and focused high to start, finishing with a full body relaxation while still being alert and not tired
  • Long lasting high
  • Excellent hybrid
  • I love the quality and the “high” Its amazing and my go to bud
  • Great trichome presentation, and the best high in the business


2. Blue Dream
Get out of my dreams, and into my bong.

Voters said:


  • Great clearheaded buzz
  • Packs such a wallop through a vaporizer
  • Smooth and friendly
  • Well balanced for chronic pain daytime use
  • Smooth, easy high, very mellow
  • Light energizing buzz
  • Feels like a dream. Smooth high.


3 (tie) Girls Scout Cookies
Sure, this sounds like another strain ripe for a lawsuit, but a cease and desist order won’t stop our readers from smoking it.

Voters said:


  • Good sativa high; easy to smoke
  • Great productive high. It never let me down!


Durban Poison
This strain is surprisingly popular despite its branding.

Voters said:

  • Perfect day high, energizing but not jittery
  • It’s the most clear-headed and functional sativa I’ve found that can give me energy without making my mind race.
  • Peppery Flavor — nice energetic high
  • Energizing and clear-headed sativa


Favorite Vape

Nexus vape qloudup
Nexus from Qloudup

1. Nexus by Qloudup

Three atomizers/coils to choose from, plus USB charging, make this a go-to personal vape for many readers.

Voters said:


  • Amazing taste and flavor. Functions perfectly.
  • Smooth smoking experience. Sleek design
  • Easy to use and super easy to clean
  • The atomizers and the three different heat settings make it super simple and efficient to use.
  • Gives u nice smooth rips and keeps the flavor
  • Looks awesome and hits consistently
  • Good vape flow, long heating cycles, used it for a year — carried in pocket — good and durable.
  • I like the three “speeds” and it seems to deliver the product better than others I have used.
  • Fat clouds off the dual quartz

    2. PAX3 by Pax

    Voters said:


  • Discreet, simple to use, effective.
  • Sleek, small but not too small, wide tube/hole for inhaling.
  • Easy to use and clean with dry herb
  • Smooth smoking…no coughing
  • The live resin format is amazingly effective.
  • Super easy to use, great clouds and games!

    3. PRISM+ by KandyPens

    Voters said:


  • Hits great. Uses a lightning port to charge so I can use the same charger as my Iphone
  • It feels great!
  • It delivers very tasty clouds
  • It’s very comfortable in hand…
  • It’s very easy to operate
  • This pen has no draw resistance so using it is as easy as breathing in

    Favorite Edible

    Wana’s fruit sour gummies (Vince Chandler, The Denver Post)

    1. Wana Gummies
    Colorado-based Wana brands came out on top. Did you catch our interview with Nancy Whiteman, co-founder of Wana on the Cannabist Show?

    Voters said:


  • The effect is amazing
  • The only edible I like to eat before a particularly difficult workout.
  • Because they are awesome?
  • They taste just like each flavor they do and they’re the perfect for dosing
  • They are soft and don’t stick to my teeth
  • Consistently dosed, the flavors are amazing, can’t taste any hash. Heck yeah.
  • The 10/10 THC/CBD effect is like no other edible I have eaten. Very comfortable.
  • Gluten free and vegan ingredients, yummy, sweet and sour deliciousness
  • They make the music sound awesome
  • Yummy flavor. Good elevation. Consistent.
  • Flavor is 100 so is the high

    2 (tie) Canyon Cultivation ChewITs

    Voters said:


  • Amazing flavor!
  • Great taste, great vibe.
  • Consistency
  • Micro-dosing with 2.5mg is awesome
  • Flavor and efficacy is the best!
  • Yummy
  • Perfect buzz
  • I like the microdosing. I can eat more than just one they taste delicious.

    and Incredibles’ Gummies/Chews.
    We interviewed the Incredibles Founder and President Bob Eschino on the Cannabist Show as well.

    Voters said:


  • These are the most flavorful and consistent gummies
  • Perfect high
  • Absolutely amazing in flavor and I’m medicated properly each dose
  • Made with organic fruit juice! Plus, 1:1 ratio
  • Best tasting gummy, barely taste the cannabis oil.
  • They’re just like dots!
  • Fast, consistent, tasty
  • Always on point and mg dosage is always the same
  • So much goodness in little delicious bites

    Honorable mention: a few people weighed in to say that their own homemade edibles are their faves!

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