Hash oil blamed for explosion in Denver home

Home hash oil extraction: Denver panel working on ordinance

Some kinds of homemade hash oil could be banned in Denver. A panel of city council members starts work Tuesday on an ordinance to make it a municipal violation to make hash oil at home using a solvent, such as butane.

Three charged in Denver hash oil explosion

Three charged in Denver hash oil extraction explosion

Three people have been charged in an illegal hash oil production that caused an explosion in April. Matthew Ackerman, 24, Danielle Cordova, 20, and Paul Mannaioni, 24, are each charged with processing or manufacturing marijuana concentrate, the Denver district attorney’s office announced Thursday.

Hash oil blamed for explosion in Denver home

Hash oil blamed for explosion in Denver home

Authorities say three people trying to make marijuana hash oil caused an explosion that damaged their Denver duplex and left one of them injured.

Shatter: Potent pot concentrate becomes more prevalent on East Coast

A recent trafficking bust near Washington, D.C. included 15 pounds of shatter, drawing attention to the proliferation of marijuana extracts. Butane hash oil, which typically contains 60-90 percent THC, retails for about $60 per gram in Colorado.

Rand Paul's Denver fundraiser taps marijuana industry & more

Rand Paul’s Denver fundraiser taps marijuana industry and more

Sen. Rand Paul raises money for his presidential campaign with help from Colorado’s legal marijuana industry. Recreational marijuana has become legal in Oregon. There are stricter laws in the state of Colorado for making hash oil at home. Washington state has overhauled its marijuana tax structure.

A customer checks out at the counter in April 2015 at the new Good Chemistry pot shop in Aurora. (Brent Lewis, The Denver Post)

Retail pot is hot in Aurora, one of Colorado’s biggest cities

Six months into Aurora’s venture of recreational marijuana sales, city officials say after a slow start everything is going about as well as could be expected. In January, the Colorado city collected about $103,000 in tax revenue and another $109,000 in February.

Editorial: There's a reason Amendment 64 gives employers zero-tolerance option

Tweetcap: Who said what at Denver Post pot forum?

“If it’s weed, it leads,” Denver city attorney Scott Martinez said in his opening statement at The Denver Post Marijuana Forum on June 17. Here are some of the more interesting take-aways from the event.

The new weed lexicon

The cannabis lexicon: Terms to know, from A-Z

The world of weed is growing every day. Here’s a compendium of marijuana terms, from the plant to the many ways to consume it and the cannabis culture that surrounds it.

Denver's plan for marijuana sales tax money: 22 new jobs

Denver’s plan for marijuana sales tax money: 22 new jobs

A proposal unveiled Friday by Denver city officials would spend new tax money from recreational marijuana sales to hire 22 employees to expand regulation, licensing and enforcement of the industry.