Containers of shatter hash made using butane hash oil extraction. (Joe Amon, Denver Post file)

3 charged with arson in Denver hash oil extraction explosion

DENVER—Three men accused of causing an explosion at a Denver duplex while trying to make marijuana hash oil have been charged with arson.

The Denver District Attorney’s Office said Thursday that Jeff Garbarek and Steve Donnel, both 39, and 43-year-old Scott Mitchell were working with marijuana and butane when the home exploded Sunday. One of them suffered minor injuries. The home was badly damaged.

Court records do not list attorneys for the men. Phone listings could not be found.

Investigators who searched the home say they found paraphernalia used for hash oil, a high potency extract of marijuana. The oil is made by using butane to extract the psychoactive chemical THC from marijuana to produce THC concentrate. There have been several similar explosions in Colorado and around the country.

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