Lucas Dean Fiser

Lucas Dean Fiser

Lucas Dean Fiser is a published fiction writer, poet and holds an M.F.A. He writes freelance for The Denver Post and is a regular contributor to Reverb.
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Weed Sport: Pickup football game tough without teamwork

Before going to the park to play a pickup football game, we swatted at mosquitoes, pecked at the marijuana-infused popcorn and spoke about sentimental things.

My sober experience with marijuana at Denver’s biggest music festival

This may surprise people who don’t venture into Denver’s concert scene very often, but when I say this I mean it: The public’s usage does not seem very different — even at the city’s largest music festival and almost seven full months after the state’s legal weed sales started.

Weed Sport: Golfing while stoned seemed an inspired idea — and it was

I didn’t know golfing nine holes stoned at the Fort Collins Country Club and riding shotgun in an old, diamond-plated golf cart would make me feel as if I were being born again.

Weed Sport: A “sesh” with personal trainer puts mind in overdrive

We hit a pipe of Sour Diesel inside my friend Kevin’s steamy one-bedroom apartment and called Lynn, his new personal trainer. At the gym, the first circuit was difficult, and it wasn’t until the third set of our circuit that I felt alarms going off in my stomach. Nothing quite ruins a high like a pang of nausea.

Weed Sport: Intensified runner’s high cooled with dip into Pacific

I wondered why marijuana and running hasn’t been explored further. It’s better than anything else when it comes to killing running’s monotony. It feels like you’re mixing drugs.

Weed Sport: Fear conquered on climb, but outing ends with a shock

Climbing is like a dance: It is easy to tell who is more comfortable, calm, by how they move up the face with rhythm. At first I was frigid and stale at the foot of the cliff. But once I got moving, I stopped thinking,

Weed Sport: When at hot music festivals, it’s best to drink your weed

It is music festival season, and I have started to drink weed. I drank weed and went to the Denver Day of Rock festival with some friends and my editor Ricardo. Wed stood below an angry sky, sweating the small stuff, delusional in the sense that afterward I was overwhelmed by my very specie.

Weed Sport: Water’s great, but this swimsuit is terrible

After experiencing a horde of pooches at the park, we were back on track for a swim. But first, I needed an emergency swimsuit replacement. We decided a pair of red shorts would definitely fit and in no way become see-through after getting wet. So, $13 dollars later we were back at the pool.

Weed Sport: Time-traveling while hiking with Mom

Funny, isn’t it: I would rather be high with my mother more than anyone else. The hike started on the trail that winds over the foothills across the street from my parents’ house in Fort Collins. We walked slowly and talked below the foothills. She couldn’t go far. Not like she used to just a few years ago.

Weed Sport: Greatest ballgame ever seen — was it the atmosphere or the tincture?

Before walking to our first Colorado Rockies game of the season we smeared our lips with marijuana-infused lip balm, dropped vials of Dixie Elixirs watermelon-flavored tincture and watched Sean writhe excitedly to the Bruce Springsteen track, “Dancing in the Dark.”

Weed Sport: Adrift and astounded in return to lake from childhood

A return to a private lake in Fort Collins for a sailing outing stirs childhood memories. And a vaporizer session sparks a conversation on life changes: I had grown up sailing this lake with childhood friend Max, but since moving back to Colorado this was my first time sailing and things are different now.

Weed Sport: Cutting loose, tossing Frisbee, climbing trees

It was on the eve of Easter and Denver’s historic 4/20 festivities that this city seemed, in all of its definable and undefinable elements, like it was truly experiencing a memorable spring. We walked the mile from our house to Cheesman Park armed with nothing but a Frisbee.

Weed Sport: Fishing trip surprisingly scary, fruitful

I walked aimlessly through the Rocky Mountains toward a hidden bend in the South Platte River with only one hope: That after a stoned fishing trip gone hilariously wrong, next time everything would be better.

Weed Sport: Drops of tincture turn into truth serum at Aqua Golf

We left Aqua Golf quickly, embarrassment crawling up our necks, and somehow during the one hour spent driving golf balls into a man-made lake — downing drops of tincture — Sean had managed to tell me of his greatest fear.

Weed Sport: Struggle in wind-chopped water yields a revelation

On this day the winds had climbed through the hill country, turning up splashing waves and making our river expedition a wavy affair. This was all new for my friend, who had never paired weed with physical activity.

Weed Sport: It’s easy to lose oneself in cycling’s rhythms, but it’s not complete

As we sweated through our bike jerseys, my friend Sean mentioned that this is the first time he has ever understood this city. We had just biked 12 miles, out of Denver, past Glendale and into the scant suburbs. The edibles had only taken forty-five minutes to hit.

Weed Sport: Finding balance, inspiration and focus on the court

“I don’t believe in the stereotypes of pot. The couch-potato clichés. Marijuana, when paired with sports can emotionally transform the athletic experience in positive ways.”