Ep. 45 – He makes infused topicals; He’s a compliance expert

Featured guests: Apothecanna founder James Kennedy and Cannabis Business Alliance board member Mark Slaugh. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT • For people who are new to using cannabis topicals, what should they expect to feel when trying THC- or CBD-infused lotions and balms? Plus, some pro tips for making your own…

CVS is now selling CBD products

California is among the eight states in which select CVS stores will sell topical products with CBD — such as “creams, sprays, roll-ons, lotions and salves.”

The top 10 cannabis lifestyle trends of 2017

Let’s take a moment to mark strides for marijuana and key cannabis lifestyle trends that defined the past year, in the past twelve months. Here, in no particular order.

running cannabis

Can cannabis help you get in shape?

A fast-growing world of athletes — from pros to weekend fitness enthusiasts — are incorporating cannabis into regular workouts and competitions.

Oregon Cannabis Growers Fair

State fairs embracing cannabis displays

In another sign of how quickly cannabis is becoming Americana, the plant may have soon have a tent at your local county fair alongside prize vegetables and livestock.

hemp plant

West Virginia hemp farming a growth industry

West Virginians can now apply for a license to grow industrial hemp for commercial purposes, and some pioneers already are into their second growing season.