When combined with the skilled hands of a massage therapist, a marijuana-infused topical lotion is a powerful weapon against pain. (Seth McConnell, Denver Post file)

Cannabis-infused lotion is revolutionizing massage therapy

Stephanie Agakian first discovered the benefits of cannabis-friendly massage second-hand, so to speak.

Agakian was working at two different studios at the time, one of which offered clients the option of getting a rubdown with CBD-infused lotion. At the end of a shift at that studio, Agakian’s arms “felt great”, whereas clocking out at the other studio always left her feeling “burned out and sore.”

Not only that, but she noticed that the clients treated with CBD lotion seemed to experience more relaxation and greater pain relief than those treated with regular massage oils.

Agakian introduced CBD-infused massage at her studio in Broomfield, Colorado, Bodhi Body Studios, about a year ago. Now, she estimates that clients opt for the CBD treatment over regular lotions “about 90 percent of the time.”

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