DENVER, CO - April 25, 2016: A green cross in the window of Peak, a cannabis dispensary in Denver. The green cross is used in European countries (and some American cities) to note a pharmacy, the medical marijuana industry has adopted the symbol as a logo for MMJ and recreational marijuana facilities. (Photo by Vince Chandler / The Denver Post)

34 medical marijuana dispensaries now open in Maryland

BALTIMORE — More than 30 medical marijuana dispensaries are now open and operating throughout Maryland, a month after the state’s long-stalled program got off the ground.

The Baltimore Sun reports that there are 34 dispensaries operating in a dozen counties and Baltimore.

The state has approved 102 dispensaries.

Medical marijuana companies have shown a strong interest in Maryland because the market is expected to be lucrative.

Marijuana is available for any severe condition for which medical treatments have been ineffective. Nurse practitioners, dentists, podiatrists and nurse midwives can recommend its use, as well as doctors.

Information from: The Baltimore Sun