Rick Steves, one of the country's most visible advocates of marijuana legalization, speaks during an interview in Portland, Ore., Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014. Steves is in the midst of a 10-city tour to stump for legal pot in Oregon. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Travel writer Rick Steves advocating for New Jersey marijuana legalization

PRINCETON, N.J. — Public TV host Rick Steves came to Princeton Wednesday as part of a regional tour to advocate for legalizing and regulating marijuana.

He’s a board member of the marijuana law reform group NORML and a long-time supporter of overhauling drug laws.

Steves says that adults in New Jersey deserve the “civil liberty” of enjoying the use of marijuana.

His trip to New Jersey comes as Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy pushes for decriminalization and legalization in the state.

Eight states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana.

Steves operates Rick Steves’ Europe, based in Washington state, producing guidebooks on European travel. He also hosts a public television series.

He’ll be visiting Delaware, Maryland and Vermont as part of the effort.