A handgun is displayed in its case at the K&W Gunworks store in Delray Beach, Florida. (Joe Raedle, Getty Images)

Man opens fire at West Hollywood hotel when staff tells him to lose his weed

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Authorities say a man fired a gun several times outside an upscale Los Angeles-area hotel in a fit of rage after staff told him to get rid of his marijuana.

Multiple shots were reported Tuesday evening at the Mondrian on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Nobody was hit by gunfire.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Charles Duncan says the man in his 30s was asked to leave after a dispute over pot. Duncan says as the man was leaving he shot four or five rounds into the air. He then got into a silver hatchback, driven by a woman, and sped off.

The Los Angeles Times says it’s unclear if the gunman was staying at the hotel or visiting its restaurant or bars.

Deputies are searching for the car.