A microscope set to 10-times magnification shows a marijuana leaf covered with mold.<!--IPTC: This undated photograph provided by the a University of New Haven, and taken by a microscope set to 10-times magnification, shows a marijuana leaf covered with mold. The school, located in West Haven, Conn., is developing a new method to identify contaminants in marijuana using DNA profiling and analysis (AP Photo/University of New Haven)

Alaska says Frozen Budz sold moldy marijuana edibles

FAIRBANKS, Alaska — Alaska’s marijuana control agency expanded allegations against a Fairbanks marijuana edibles manufacturer, accusing it of selling moldy products among other violations.

Frozen Budz’s manufacturing license was suspended Dec. 1 after the state Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office accused it of violating testing rules, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported. But on Tuesday, the state regulators elaborated. In addition to selling moldy products, the manufacturer is accused of using untracked marijuana, making products not approved by the marijuana control board, allowing onsite consumption and selling more than 114,000 untested edibles.

The original investigation stemmed from a tip about a specific product, CannaBanana Bread. While the additional allegations came from independent edible tests, state records and photos and testimony from a former employee.

Frozen Budz co-owner Nick Neade said his company never purposely did anything wrong. He said glitches, clunky software and problems regulating the new industry are to blame.

“I’m not trying to say we’re perfect or anything, but I definitely don’t feel like we’re being treated fairly,” Neade said.

The business also has a retail license and continues to sell marijuana flowers. Until the suspension, Frozen Budz’s edibles were available throughout the state.

Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office Director Erika McConnell recommended that the control board revoke the manufacturer’s license.

McConnell said the next step is for Frozen Budz to make its case before the board of directors, which will then vote on whether to revoke its license. The company is the second in Alaska and the first in Fairbanks to have its license suspended.

Information from: Fairbanks (Alaska) Daily News-Miner