Infused gummy candies. (Denver Post file)

Alaska high school students’ parents turn them in for selling pot gummy bears

BETHEL, Alaska — High school students in Alaska have been caught selling marijuana gummy bears to their classmates.

The Bethel Regional High School students were busted after their parents got suspicious and contacted district officials, KYUK-AM reported Wednesday.

Officials investigated and found that the gummy bears were being sold starting in September and ending in October for $5 each.

The Bethel Police Department assisted with the investigation and discipline of the students involved.

Lower Kuskokwim School District Superintendent Dan Walker said he couldn’t comment on the discipline the students received.

Walker said the district’s number of marijuana incidents this year is unprecedented.

“Given our experience over the last four or five years, you know we might have an incident here and there, but I would say at least five incidents that I can remember off the top of my head this year that required my level of intervention,” Walker said. “So yeah, I’m a little concerned about that at this point.”

Perry Barr, the district’s safety coordinator, said district policy includes educating students and providing treatment resources, including social workers.
“Since Alaska legalized marijuana, they also legalized edibles,” Barr said. “So marijuana, or the THC, is coming in many different forms. Unfortunately, some of those forms are in candy.”

Information from: KYUK-AM