Barinder Rasode (via Barinder Rasode LinkedIn profile)

From working against legalization to leading a cannabis advocacy non-profit

Barinder Rasode distinctly remembers the moment she changed her mind about cannabis.

It was nearly three years ago today that she watched as her friend’s cancer-stricken mother used cannabis to curb her pain and nausea. Within that same household, she watched as the woman’s husband used cannabis to help relieve some of his anxiety over the impending loss of his life partner.

“The combination of those two things really opened my eyes, because I know that having some semblance of quality of life in your last days is just so important,” Rasode tells Civilized. “I also know that being [able to replace] medications that really numb who you are or your ability to engage with others is quite significant.”

To say the experience was a wakeup call for Rasode would be a serious understatement. Before that day, Rasode was committed to the fight against legalization.

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