A potent strain of marijuana known as "Colombian Red" with flowers ready to harvest at a cannabis club greenhouse in Montevideo, Uruguay, on June 22, 2017. (Nick Miroff for The Washington Post)

Key decisions on marijuana will be made in Maine lawmakers’ special session this week

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine lawmakers have begun a special session in Augusta.

Republican Gov. Paul LePage ordered lawmakers to return Monday to fix problems in several areas. The biggest fights are expected over two more complicated issues: recreational marijuana sales and the future of a new voting system approved at the polls last fall.

UPDATE: Future of new Maine marijuana law uncertain after lawmakers send bill to gov’s desk

A Maine legislative panel has largely agreed on a rewrite of the marijuana law that would go into effect in 2019, while Gov. LePage is proposing that lawmakers simply delay sales until 2019. Adult possession of recreational marijuana became legal this year in Maine.

Lawmakers also hope to find a solution to a new voter-approved system that allows voters to rank candidates. Justices of Maine’s highest court this spring issued a non-binding, advisory opinion that the ranked-choice voting system is unconstitutional for some elections. A legislative panel is split on a path forward, and the Legislature will consider solutions, such as delaying or axing the law.