photo provided by dro clothing for use with S03E25 of The Cannabist Show and relevant posts.

Cannabist Show: This duo creates clothing for hip-hop artists and old-school smugglers

Featured guests: Witt Rabon and Jamar Brown, co-founders of Dro clothing.


•  Designing the perfect look for today’s cannabis culture, evolving with the modern consumer.

•  Learning from the success of others: “If they won’t wear your logo on a plain T-shirt, they won’t wear it.”

•  Does the celebrity brand mean anything? Diving into how people’s perceptions are driving the industry.


Atlanta decriminalizes weed possession of one ounce or less: The Atlanta City Council on Monday unanimously passed legislation eliminating jail time and reducing penalties on possession of small amounts of marijuana, but not before mayoral candidates got into heated debates and backers of the bill became rowdy. The legislation, which was resurrected in September after spending months in committees because of concerns it might send the wrong message, brings Atlanta closer to other large cities across the nation that are either lessening penalties on pot or decriminalizing it altogether as Americans’ opinion on the drug evolves. –Report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Leon Stafford

Drivers of Mexican tour bus arrested after 264 bricks of weed found on board: Two drivers of a Mexican tour bus have been arrested near Tombstone after 320 pounds (145 kilograms) of marijuana was found in a hidden compartment. Willcox Station Border Patrol agents at the Highway 80 immigration checkpoint made the arrests Wednesday night. They referred the bus for an immigration inspection of the occupants, all identified as residents of Mexico. A Border Patrol drug-sniffing dog alerted agents to an odor emitting from the rear of the bus. –Report by The Associated Press

Tom Petty weed songs
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers perform at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on May 29, 2017. (Tina Hagerling, The Know)

Remembering the stony side of Tom Petty: His biggest weed hits Tom Petty was never one to tiptoe around toking. The frontman for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and member of 1980s powerhouse Traveling Wilburys (along with a solid solo career) wrote many a song referencing reefer during a music career that spanned more than four decades. One of his most notable stony hits was “You Don’t Know How it Feels” from his 1994 solo album “Wildflowers” and its chorus leading with: “So let’s get to the point, let’s roll another joint…” (we’ll let you finish it out in your signature karaoke style). –Report by The Cannabist’s Aleta Labak

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