Cannabis plants grow in Outliers cultivation facility, one of the only licensed medical marijuana grow facilities in San Diego county, California. (Vince Chandler, The Denver Post)

San Diego council to decide whether to allow local cultivation

SAN DIEGO — The city council in San Diego is considering whether to OK marijuana cultivation locally once new state laws allowing recreational use take effect next year.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the nine-member council is expected to weigh the issue Monday.

The proposal would allow the cultivation of marijuana and manufacture of related byproducts in California’s second most populous city.

Supporters say the measure would boost the local economy and improve the quality of marijuana in the area, while opponents cite concerns about crime and safety.

The city’s police department is against the proposal.

San Diego has agreed to let 16 approved medical marijuana dispensaries expand their sales next year to recreational customers. Only two other cities in the county allow such dispensaries.

Information from: Los Angeles Times