The Mynt Cannabis Dispensary across the street from Harrah's hotel-casino in downtown Reno, Nev. (Scott Sonner, Associated Press)

Nevada Gaming Commission worried about legal weed drawing federal attention

LAS VEGAS — The Nevada Gaming Commission hopes to address the problems the state’s legalization of recreational marijuana present during an upcoming special meeting.

The Las Vegas Sun reports the commission will meet Thursday to discuss ways the state’s gaming companies can disassociate themselves from something that is technically illegal.

Though the state has legalized recreational pot, using and selling marijuana is still a violation of federal law.

State gaming laws and regulations specifically prohibit behavior by gaming licensees that would discredit the industry. Nevada’s gaming regulators say violating a federal law could do exactly that.

Members of the commission also worry the federal government may take a stronger interest in Nevada’s gaming industry if the state appears unconcerned about pot use.