In this file photo, jars display varieties of marijuana for sale on shelves at a retail and medical cannabis dispensary, in Boulder. (Brennan Linsley, The Associated Press)

Erie, Colorado task force advises town to keep ban on marijuana sales

Erie should uphold a year-and-a-half-long ban on recreational marijuana sales, according to a recently unveiled report by the Retail Marijuana Ad-Hoc Committee, a task force created by the town last year to examine if such an option would be viable.

The committee on Tuesday night cited a number of factors that could be set in motion if such an embargo were lifted, including a net revenue drain on the town; limited demand as surrounding towns eat away at potential profits; limited allowable space for retail shops too close to surrounding schools, and questions on how President Donald Trump’s administration will address marijuana legislation at the state level in coming years.

“The short answer is that (committee) finds no compelling reason to overturn the current ban on marijuana businesses at this time,” Ray Schlott, a member of the task force, said Tuesday.

“The primary motivation for considering lifting the ban was based upon the perception that Erie could potentially capitalize on a large tax revenue base. Not only does this not appear to be the case, but it may very well be that such business activities could be a net revenue drain on the town.”

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