Tagged cannabis plants grow in the Outliers Collective's cultivation facility in San Diego County, California in October 2016. (Vince Chandler, Denver Post file)

Colorado town considers allowing more home-grown marijuana than proposed state limit

Longmont’s City Council will hold a Tuesday night public hearing on an ordinance that would regulate and limit the growing of marijuana inside homes for residents’ medical or recreational use.

The council’s consideration of the residential home-grow ordinance and the sewer and water tap agreements for the marijuana cultivation business come amid continuing uncertainty about how rigorously U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will enforce federal anti-marijuana laws in states like Colorado, whose laws permit the medical or recreational use of marijuana and marijuana-infused products.

The ordinance up for public hearing and final council approval on Tuesday — a measure that would generally set a six-plants-per-adult limit for growing marijuana inside a Longmont residence, up to a maximum of 30 plants if there are five or more adults living in that dwelling unit — got preliminary council OK on Feb. 28.

Longmont’s new limits would differ from a bill pending in the Legislature that would write separate home-grow caps into state law. That House Bill 17-1220, whose primary sponsors include House Majority Leader KC Becker, D-Boulder, would limit home-grown marijuana to 16 plants per residential unit, although it would allow cities and counties to authorize more.

Becker’s bill, which she has said would address a problem of criminal enterprises engaging in industrial-size growing operations and selling or distributing the marijuana illegally, was approved in a 55-10 Colorado House vote on March 13.

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