Abdullah Saeed learns how to make weed wine and invites chef Marcel Vigneron to prepare cannabutter-basted beef cheek, weed-smoked tuna, and potleaf juice dippin dots. (Courtesy of Viceland)

How one man’s food-drink-cannabis pairing project turned into a TV gig with Viceland

A pet project helped vault Ry Prichard to a gig on Viceland.

Prichard, using the moniker “TerpQuest,” brought food and beverage together with cannabis in unique ways.

“Whether that’s a pairing, whether that’s an infusion, whether it’s a social combination of the two, I just think the same obsession that people feel with beer, with wine, with coffee, with food, with an amazing steak … that level of passion translates directly to cannabis,” Prichard says.

And chefs are just starting to pay attention to these new flavor profiles, the new aromas, the new means of creating experiences, he says.

Prichard, The Cannabist’s resident concentrates expert, talks on The Cannabist Show about how his work to create a TerpQuest episode on Viceland led to a co-hosting job on “Bong Apptit.”

“(A friend who also is a ‘Bong Appétit’ producer) thought that the pairings and the flavor-centricness of TerpQuest was very appropriate because most of the people they had talked to at that point were talking about infusions rather than flavor pairings,” Prichard says.

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