Florists are responding to customer requests to incorporate cannabis into their weddings. (Provided by Buds & Blossoms)

A front-row seat at a cannabis wedding

When Rachael Carlevale and Matt Davenport invited my husband and me to be part of their cannabis wedding in Steamboat, Colorado, we leapt at the chance to be part of history while celebrating their sacred union and the liberation of a sacred plant we all love and respect.

A handful of brides and grooms in legal states like Colorado and Washington have begun to incorporate bud-tended weed bars, cannabis-infused edibles, cannabis-pairing dinners and cannabis floral arrangements into their weddings, but the movement is just beginning to blossom.

Cannabis weddings remain a novelty for most people – and for far too many, they’re illegal and taboo. We wanted to support Rachael and Matt as they celebrated with family and friends, some of whom were unfamiliar with and even afraid of a plant that has been unjustly demonized for decades. There’s a lot of undoing of propaganda to be done.

I met Rachael, a certified yoga teacher and former ballerina, six years ago when she was a pre-med student at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. She traveled with us to the Peruvian Amazon to participate in first The Shaman’s Pharmacy field immersion course led by my husband, Chris Kilham, and we became friends.

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