Cannabis-infused wedding bouquets, floral arrangements and boutonnieres from Buds & Blossoms. (Bec Koop)

Open bar? Try open bowl. Marijuana weddings becoming more mainstream

Over the past few years, Rachael Carlevale has had a secret fantasy for her wedding day. With a degree in plant medicine and a relationship with cannabis, she dreamt of adding a little extra green to her bouquet — along with cannabis plant centerpieces that guests could pick off and smoke.

It used to be what she thought of as a joke, but, in August, her nontraditional wedding with beautiful prom dresses  fantasies will come true: Budtenders will be on hand to give advice about strains, her bouquet will be sprinkled with the sticky flower and a teepee will give guests an area to indulge.

As marijuana slowly starts to become more accepted socially, cannabis weddings in Colorado are on the rise. Rather than having small groups of guests break away from the wedding to smoke in secret, couples that imbibe can now bring it to the forefront, giving guests the opportunity to partake with their friends and relatives while sharing in their big day.

For Carlevale and her future husband, Mathieu Davenport, however, it’s a whole lot more than just enjoying the recreational use of the plant.

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