DENVER, CO. - DECEMBER 15: Denver Post Marijuana Editor Ricardo Baca welcomes attendees to the inaugural Cannabist Awards in the Denver Post Auditorium at the Denver Post on Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015, in Denver. (Photo by Andy Colwell/The Cannabist)

Cannabist Show: He’s moving on after three years as The Cannabist’s editor-in-chief

Featured guests: Outgoing Cannabist editor-in-chief Ricardo Baca.


•  Baca reflects on his three years at the helm of The Cannabist after being named the first-ever Marijuana Editor for a major American news organization.

•  What’s next for cannabis journalism: Keeping a watchful eye on the industry and policy.

•  Baca shares his New Year’s resolution for the marijuana industry.

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America’s oldest hospice to study medical marijuana: The nation’s first hospice plans to study how medical marijuana can help dying patients. Officials from Connecticut Hospice Inc. in Branford said Monday they hope to improve pain management while also reducing opioid use in palliative care. They also want to decrease nausea and vomiting while improving patients’ appetites and overall well-being. Last week, St. Francis Hospital in Hartford announced it received state approval to begin studying the effectiveness of medical marijuana as a painkiller for traumatic injuries. –Report by The Associated Press

Weed dog treats booming business across America: Even for a puppy, Kat Donatello’s black Labrador, Austin, was hyperactive. After experimenting with natural supplements on her older dog, Donatello slipped a special biscuit to Austin. “It just kind of took the edge off of him,” she recalled. The treat contained cannabidiol, better known as CBD, a chemical compound extracted from the marijuana plant. –Report by Bloomberg News’ Polly Mosendz


What legal states need to know about sketchy pot tax predictions: Colorado’s cannabis industry is on pace to generate north of $213 million in state tax revenue by 2019, according to the Colorado Legislative Council’s latest economic and revenue forecast released this week. By The Cannabist’s calculations, that amounts to nearly $1.7 billion in sales of flower, concentrates, edibles and other infused products in the recreational and medical marijuana markets. But what’s in a number? –Report by The Cannabist’s Alicia Wallace


We didn’t run a Pot Quiz this episode, but dive into the archives if you’re hungry for weedcentric news trivia.

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