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Cannabist Show: His biz combines weed and fitness; He created a unique water-based vaporizer

Featured guests: 420 Games and Power Plant cannabis gym founder Jim McAlpine, who also launched the New West Summit conference, and vaporizer developer Seibo Shen of VapeXhale.


•  Cannabis is about so much more than the THC: How terpene profiles of strains and concentrates are like tasting a fine wine.

•  Reflecting on the ways marijuana can boost motivation and focus in day-to-day life.

•  The genesis of the VapeXhale EVO vaporizer that utilizes water and how it differs from other vapes.

•  How two California-based cannabis entrepreneurs feel about Proposition 64.

•  Mixing marijuana with training and other athletic endeavors to achieve “the flow state.”


Some Colorado pols paint dark picture for legal weed: A few Colorado politicians, including a former governor and a sitting district attorney, are appearing in anti-marijuana campaigns in other states and offering dire warnings to voters as they blame pot for a host of issues ranging from murders to teen drug abuse to traffic deaths. But critics say those warnings are based on inaccurate and misleading information. And crime reports from state and local law enforcement show that no direct link has been made between legalized marijuana and increasing crime in Colorado. –Report by The Denver Post’s Noelle Phillips

Why marijuana legalization vote in California may herald end of prohibition era: U.S. voters next month in five states, including bellwether California, are poised to expand the legal use of recreational marijuana to almost a quarter of the American population, a move that could prove to be one of the most consequential shifts in U.S drug policy since the 1930s. Passage in California, where polls show it has wide support, would make pot legal along the entire West Coast and give momentum to efforts to lift the ban nationwide. The state, the most populous in the U.S. with 39 million residents, was the first to allow medical marijuana two decades ago. In all, nine states will consider marijuana-related ballot measures on Nov. 8, which could more than double the $7 billion market for pot products by 2020. –Report by Bloomberg News’ Alison Vekshin


Test your current-events knowledge on medical marijuana ballot measures, states that have recreational marijuana sales, CBD-only laws and more.

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