Angela and Daniel Bernhardt manage the pot-friendly Cliff House Lodge and Hot Tub Cottages in Morrison, December 27 2013. The inn allows pot consumption in rooms and guests regularly imbibe on the back porch. (Summit Daily)

Vacationing, Colorado-style: Ganjapreneurs combine the great outdoors and cannabis

Joel and Lisa Schneider are among a small but dedicated group of ganja-preneurs looking to create an industry that is organic, high-end, customer-friendly and respectable in the same way other Colorado products, such as food and beer, have become.

He and his wife, Lisa, launched their cannabis lodging business in April 2014 and, two years later, have four locations across the state. The group has Bud+Breakfast hotels in Silverthorne and Denver and ranch retreats in Colorado Springs and Grand County. All cater to folks wanting to make cannabis a part of their vacations while immersing themselves in mountain culture and enjoying the outdoors.

There are dozens of pot tourism companies in the state, most catering to younger crowds. Few offer high-end experiences or target an older crowd. But¬†Schneider’s properties integrate luxury accommodations, outdoor activities — such as all-terrain vehicle riding, hiking, horseback riding and yoga at the ranches — and a general mountain getaway experience. Smoking isn’t allowed in guest rooms — instead, guests are encouraged to smoke in community spaces and join daily events such as Wake and Bake Breakfast and 420 Happy Hour.

“We think of ourselves as a beautiful bar or smoking club that only offers top-line foods, beer and wine. This is not the stoner mentality with some music and an old couch to sit on. We want it to be classy and an amazing experience,” he said.

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