In this June 11, 2016 photo, Robert Cleary, left, a marijuana reform advocate with the group NORML, talks with passersby, gathering signatures on a petition to get a pot club initiative on the ballot in the next election, in Denver. Legal marijuana is giving Colorado a stinky conundrum. Visitors can buy the drug, but they can’t use it in public. Or in a rental car. Or in most hotel rooms. Some legalization advocates believe they have a solution - pot clubs. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

One side’s perspective on the competing Denver public consumption initiatives

It’s possible that two initiatives related to the public consumption of marijuana could go before Colorado voters this fall.

Jordan Person, the executive director of Denver chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), shares details about her organization’s proposal to Cannabist editor-in-chief Ricardo Baca on The Cannabist Show.

NORML’s initiative could allow for consumption in authorized private cannabis clubs and events that obtain a permit. Under the competing “Neighborhood Approved Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program,” a variety of businesses could allow consumption areas with the blessing of a neighborhood group.

“That’s a very big difference from our language to theirs,” Person says, referencing the neighborhood-versus-city approval. “Theirs also includes that it would be open to any business model, and ours is very specific not to include alcohol.”

On the show, Person shares why her group elected not to include bars and other establishments where alcohol is served.

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