In this June 11, 2016 photo, a marijuana reform advocate with the group NORML holds a clipboard while waiting for passersby to sign a petition to get a pot club initiative on the ballot in the next election, in Denver. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

Cannabist Show: She leads Denver NORML; She captures the culture

Featured guests: Denver NORML executive director Jordan Person and Cannabis Camera owner Kim Sidwell.


•  Denver marijuana laws: There are now TWO competing marijuana consumption initiatives seeking a spot on the November ballot.

•  Looking back at ten years of 4/20 in Denver’s downtown Civic Center Park.

•  Denver’s mayor and police chief blame spike in crime and violence on legal marijuana.


Washington tests reveal undisclosed pesticides in pot growing products: Washington state’s Department of Agriculture says it has found traces of undisclosed pesticides in many of the marijuana-growing fertilizers and other products it tested recently. Inspectors tested 39 products. Spokesman Hector Castro said that of the 27 tests for which it has results so far, 15 had residues of pesticides that weren’t on the product’s label. That means growers could be using certain pesticides without knowing it. –Report by The Associated Press

Amid effort to limit pot potency, industry strikes back with well-funded campaign: A new coalition funded by the cannabis industry has formed in Colorado to fight a ballot measure that some say would crush the state’s billion-dollar marijuana industry. The Colorado Health Research Council (CHRC) opposes Amendment 139, a constitutional amendment that would limit the THC potency of dried marijuana and pot products sold recreationally at 16 percent. The average potency of Colorado pot products is already higher — 17.1 percent for cannabis flower and 62.1 percent for marijuana extracts, according to a state study. –Report by The Cannabist’s Ricardo Baca


Test your current-events knowledge about a 16-year-old medical marijuana state, a new cannabis museum exhibit, pot tourism and more.

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