"High Maintenance" will debut on HBO this fall. (Craig Blankenhorn)

A first look at the new ‘High Maintenance,’ which debuts on HBO this fall

This is exciting: The above video is the first we’ve seen of a newly expanded “High Maintenance,” the Internet sensation that will debut in a longer, bigger-budgeted format on HBO this fall.

Update: “High Maintenance” will debut at 11 p.m. ET/PT Sept. 16, HBO announced.

When “High Maintenance” was on Vimeo — and before that, when it released episodes independently — its no-nonsense, absurdist stories about a weed dealer in New York City and his nutty, pot-purchasing clients unfolded quickly, in episodes that lasted no more than eight or 12 minutes, depending on the week.

On HBO, “High Maintenance” is considered a half-hour comedy series — but there will only be six episodes, keeping with creators Ben Sinclair (who stars as The Guy) and Katja Blichfeld’s ethos of small doses, high quality.

From HBO’s “High Maintenance” presser, released today with the video:

The half-hour comedy series “High Maintenance” follows a Brooklyn pot dealer who delivers to clients with neuroses as diverse as the city. The show stars Ben Sinclair as “The Guy,” a friendly pot dealer whose clients include an eccentric group of characters, revealing the dynamics of their lives. From the unexpected and offbeat to the predictable and mundane, the series provides a glimpse into the daily routines of the customers and how they light things up. Created and written by the married duo of Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair, and executive produced by Katja Blichfeld, Russell Gregory and Ben Sinclair.