"High Maintenance" creators Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair (Janky Clown Productions)

Video: When High Times gets stoned with the ‘High Maintenance’ cast …

“All you need is some people and some anxiety and some weed.”

When Ben Sinclair said the above he was referencing the flexibility of his hit web series “High Maintenance.” Our friends at High Times broke bread (and bud) with Sinclair and his “High Maintenance” co-creator Katja Blichfeld (not to mention some of their favorite people) for the illuminating video above.

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If you’re a fan of the Vimeo series, the above High Times video is way worth the eight minutes. And if you’ve ever ordered weed via delivery in New York City, you can sympathize with the real-life struggles that often inspire “High Maintenance” and its absurdest snapshots of city life, psychosis and weed worship.

Said Sinclair, while talking about his new delivery guy: “I gotta say, it’s just so sad to get a New York eighth.”

Added Blichfeld: “It’s true, it’s a skimpy eighth.”

“High Maintenance’s” second season continues on Feb. 5 when Vimeo releases another three new episodes.