Here’s some terrible advice on edibles from comedian Sam Tallent

If a first-time edibles consumer asked for one piece of advice from stand-up comedian Sam Tallent, he says that he would tell them to “try and get high off the weed you’re gonna eat.”

Instead of the usual caution to “start low, go slow,” Tallent says he thinks first-timers should eat way more than recommended (the state-recommended single-serving dose of edible cannabis is 10 mg). “If it says eat 10 (milligrams), eat 20,” he suggests.

Tallent says his thoughts on this come from his experience of repeatedly running into people who split a 10 mg piece of, say, a marijuana candy bar and then admit that they’re not sure if they got high or not. “They waste that first time, like, trying to pussyfoot a little bit,” Tallent adds.

Tallent admits that there is a fine line between too little and too much, but that it has to be done. “Take your shoes off, take your pants off, and get in the pool,” he advises.

Marqaha co-founder Skip Meador, who comes at the topic as a producer of whole-plant extracted cannabis products, has a different take.

“Whatever edible it is, you want to have an experience you can re-create, and know what you’re getting into,” Meador says.

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