Colorado is suffering from "First World marijuana problems," says a cannabis industry attorney, but that doesn't mean some of the issues aren't serious. (Photo by Vince Chandler, The Denver Post)

Does Colorado suffer from First World pot problems?

Two years in, Colorado marijuana is still fighting its case in court, says cannabis industry attorney Christian Sederberg, but as most of the country tries to catch up, the state is dealing with what he calls “First World marijuana problems.”

Sederberg jokes, but he maintains that the issues — pesticides in pot, keeping marijuana from kids, a fear of “Big Marijuana” — are “still very serious,” he says. “How do we make sure these products are safe?”

The attorney, who helped draft the Colorado marijuana legalizing Amendment 64, says he thinks there will be pushback on what legal marijuana will become, but he cautions that people in the cannabis industry and in the legislature should be careful that they’re “not overcompensating for unnecessary worries.”

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