A lab technician transfers a mixture of extracted hemp CBD and coconut oil to capsules at the CBDRx facility in Longmont, Colorado, in November 2015. (Kira Horvath, Daily Camera)

Vape manufacturer: If you’re using coconut oil, stop! It could be dangerous.

Coconut oil continues to enjoy a reputation for offering many health benefits, but inhaling it through a vape pen is not one of them, according to Bloom Farms founder Mike Ray.

Ray’s company manufactures vape pens and vaporizers using a small amount of polyethylene glycol (or PEG) in lieu of coconut oil, the latter of which he claims is “very dangerous,” and “if you are using coconut oil, don’t. Stop immediately.”

“All of the studies we have seen pointed to coconut oil — even though it sounds good — as potentially causing pneumonia,” Ray says. In contrast, with PEG “It’s all about responsible use,” he adds. “We use a very, very tiny amount to provide a consistent experience for the vape cartridge,” which has the desired outcome of lowering the vaporization temperature.

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