DENVER, CO - April 25, 2016: William, a budtender at The Colfax Pot Shop, measures out an eighth of an ounce of their indica dominant Star Killer strain for a recreational adult use customer in Denver, CO. (Photo by Vince Chandler / The Denver Post)

Why is Colorado stepping up underage compliance checks for pot?

It’s been eight months since Denver police issued seven citations for underage retail marijuana sales during an enforcement operation aimed at underage compliance in 30 shops.

The director of the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division Jim Burack now confirms that the regulatory agency will be stepping up underage compliance checks.

Is there a problem with underage people buying bud — in Colorado you have to be 21+ to purchase recreational marijuana — or is there another reason for the increased attention?

“We work with our licensees to educate; we encourage compliance,” Burack explains. “But at the end of the day, we’re going to enforce the law.” He points to the stipulations of both Amendment 64 and the Cole Memo, both of which made “keeping marijuana out of the hands of children one of the highest priorities for the state.”

Burack adds that the MED is “following all avenues,” but not necessarily letting the businesses know that the checks are being conducted. “Fortunately, I think folks in the industry understand the absolute critical importance of this for public safety,” he says.

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