A professional extractor examines a sheet of marijuana concentrate known as "shatter" after removing it from the oven at Mahatma Concentrates in Denver on May 1, 2014. (Brennan Linsley, Associated Press file)

‘Concentrates should only be available for medical sale.’ Agree or disagree?

One of the biggest debates in Colorado cannabis lately has revolved around the idea of state government limiting the THC potency of recreational marijuana flower and pot products.

The average potency of Colorado pot products — 17.1 percent for cannabis flower and 62.1 percent for marijuana extracts, according to a state study — is already higher than the newly proposed limits of 15-to-16 percent.

Supporters of the ballot initiative and the amendment say they’re being cautious until more research is conducted. Opponents say the measures, if adopted, would unjustly injure the state’s legal cannabis industry.

We’ve heard from readers agreeing with both sides. But one reader had a particularly interesting remark. While those who are opposed to the THC limits have noted that they would effectively kill the recreational market for potent marijuana concentrates and extracts, which often range between 60-to-80 percent THC, one reader intimated, “Maybe that would be a good thing.”

The reader commented on The Cannabist’s Facebook on Wednesday: “Perhaps I will get burned at the stake for saying this but I believe concentrates should only be available for medical sale. All herb no matter what it tests at should be available to anyone. I just believe concentrated forms of anything (unless for a medical use) is a bad idea like hard liquor.”

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Secondly, do you agree with the reader who says concentrates should be sold only on the medical marijuana market?

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