Learn tips and tricks on how to roll a joint. (Vince Chandler, The Cannabist)

How to roll a joint, a video tutorial: 10 easy steps to rolling the perfect joint

It’s high time you learned how to roll a joint, don’t you think?

One of legal cannabis’ tremendously modern luxuries is the pre-roll joint. No longer do you have to buy sub-par product from your dealer, work the seeds-and-stems quality control, grind it up and roll your own joint. Now you can walk into a store and purchase a pre-roll — or a package of pre-rolls. You can mix-and-match different strain pre-rolls. Some shops let you choose between the regular and mini-joints. And some will even offer an option wrapped in 24K gold rolling papers.

But with that convenience also comes a luxury tax. You want a marijuana dispensary’s expert joint roller to do the work for you? They happily will — though you’ll pay a premium versus what it would have cost you to purchase the papers and flower and do the grinding and rolling yourself.

So put on your big boy (and big girl) pants, and learn this very useful skill — something that will surely be a conversation-starter and party trick for the rest of your days. Learning this important skill might just make you the most popular person in the room — whether you’re equipped with Raw rolling papers, 24K gold rolling papers or flavored rolling papers.

Our quick video tutorial (above) will teach you hope to roll a joint — and with a little practice, you will become your own master joint roller.

Some of the joint-rolling tips you’ll acquire from the above video include:

The essential paper crease. Get it right now, or simply throw it away and start anew.

The ideal amount of cannabis to spread throughout the crease in the rolling papers — don’t be afraid to experiment with a little more, a little less, until it feels juuuuuust right.

The nuanced pre-roll back-and-forth. This preps the paper, and the weed, for that oh-so-tricky roll, and its importance can’t be underestimated.

The subtle tucking of the corners. Overtuck and you’re in trouble. Undertuck and you’re in trouble. But you’ll know it when you nail that perfectly subtle tuck of the paper — almost as if it’s an inate skill that was waiting to be awoken.

The eventual and final roll is key. If it starts out askew — as ours did in the above video tutorial — go back a step and try it again. Keep it tight and even and steady and slow and methodical. You got this.

And the crutch — of course we wouldn’t leave out this important part of the process!

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Rolling a joint (Seth McConnell, Denver Post file)