The new edition of High County Healing's Mini Js are rolled with Shine Papers. They're available at the HCH in the Colorado mountain town of Silverthorne. (Provided by High Country Healing)

Tiny and shiny: Colorado pot shop unveils Gold Mini Js

Since its inception in 2013, Shine Papers has aimed to be more than your average rolling paper. Shine invented the world’s first 24-karat gold rolling paper, which is known for its slow burn and gold ash. It has become a hit among celebrities like Miley Cyrus, the rich and even us regular folk hoping to turn heads walking a party with a gold joint in hand.

For most domestic rolling paper companies, partnerships with local cannabis businesses have been difficult due in large part to laws prohibiting the use of cannabis. But now that recreational marijuana sales are legal in Colorado and two other states, the door is beginning to open.

Shine Papers is taking advantage by diving into its first collaboration with a Colorado marijuana retailer. High Country Healing in Silverthorne will use Shine’s gold cone papers for a new take on their popular quarter-gram Mini Js. The Gold Mini J’s signature tin is co-branded with both companies’ names, but will only be available for sale through HCH’s Silverthorne shop and soon-to-open Vail-area location.

Dave Brown, CEO of Shine Papers, called the collaboration a “no-brainer” in a recent email, citing HCH’s innovative products, as well as the personal side of the business.

“For us to collaborate with someone, they have to be bringing something new to the table to catch our eye,” Brown said. “A standard pre-roll isn’t innovative enough for us. We thought the idea of Mini Js was really clever, especially when you’re selling to tourists who might not have the tolerance for a larger joint application.”

Andrew Salini, chief operating officer of HCH, said in a recent phone interview that he had always admired Shine’s product and decided to reach out regarding a partnership.

“There is nothing out there quite like what they are doing,” Salini said. “Every time I’ve seen (Shine Papers) at any social event or gathering, they are a big hit. It just clicked — what if we could do the Mini Js in gold?”

It took a few months to iron out the details, but the Gold Mini Js officially went on sale on Dec. 19. Those looking to add some bling to their New Year’s Eve party can pick up the Gold Mini Js in HCH’s Silverthorne location. Like their regular counterpart, the Gold Mini Js are available in a variety of different flower strains and sell for $14 apiece, or 10 for $110.